Meet The Team

Ray Sheikh


After graduating from Rutgers University in 1984 with a degree in Chemical Engineering, Ray landed a full-time job at a construction company where he had been working part-time while still in college. He worked at Kuhn, Smith & Harris for a total of seven years, gaining valuable experience and steadily rising in rank while getting his MBA from Columbia University. Ray started out as an assistant, then became an estimator, and eventually was made a Vice President at KSH, overseeing all New Jersey projects. Then, in 1990, Ray left the security of his successful position to launch The Leegis Group. With virtually no capital, he began operating out of his New Brunswick apartment, leveraging the few existing business contacts he had to slowly grow his company. Over the next 25 years, The Leegis Group grew organically with a tremendous amount of hard work.

Ray has developed the company into a successful, multi-million dollar business by focusing heavily on cultivating interpersonal relationships. He believes that every customer is important, regardless of the size of the project, and he works tirelessly to ensure every client is completely satisfied. With over 30 years of experience, Ray is extraordinarily knowledgeable regarding all aspects of the construction industry. His responsibilities include overseeing The Leegis Group as a whole, as well as all of the company’s current projects. Ray is also in charge of the sales process from end to end, including attracting new business, handling pricing, contract negotiations and closing deals.

When he is not working or spending time with his family, Ray enjoys working out, adventure travel (especially gorilla trekking in Africa) and volunteering.

Wayne Ball

Executive Vice President

Wayne graduated from Rutgers University in 1986 and accepted a position at Kuhn, Smith & Harris where college friend Ray Sheikh was already employed. Wayne worked first as an office intern, then assistant estimator before eventually becoming an estimator for the construction company. In 1991, a year after Ray launched The Leegis Group, he asked Wayne to join the company.

Wayne has over 27 years of experience in the construction industry and over 25 years of estimating experience, Wayne handles the majority of the estimating as well as contract buyouts for The Leegis Group. He works diligently to ensure that each of The Leegis Group’s customers receive an accurate, honest estimate at the beginning of the bidding process. Wayne also assists in managing projects for the company.

Wayne is married with two children and is a very active and dedicated family man. When not spending time with his family, Wayne enjoys fishing, cooking, and coaching basketball for the Amateur Athletic Union.